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Welcome to the entertaining, surprising and delightful world of the Craft Horse rocking horse family!

The Craft Horse rocking horse is the creation of a highly successful, family-run handicraft brand, specialising in the design and creation of unique, hand-made rocking horses. 


Craft Horse UK are delighted to be able to exclusively offer this unique product, using eco-friendly materials, hand-made here in the UK.

The Craft Horse UK rocking horse makes a timeless, unforgettable gift for your children, family, friends, or simply for yourself!

Alternatively, the attention-grabbing, classic design of our rocking horse creates a unique focus piece for your home or business or to animate your retail sales area or window display.

The unique (patented worldwide) design and construction method of the Craft Horse UK rocking horse, utilises chemical and toxin-free cardboard and Birch plywood. We combine these sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials to create a remarkably strong, safe and desirable finished product.

A Craft Horse UK rocking horse offers pleasure and entertainment for the young and the young-at-heart alike, as a creation of visual & tactile delight.

With love,

Craft Horse UK


Craft Horse UK

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